Thank you! Today ends my 365 day project. In 2017 I put up at least one black and white picture every day. It was great fun to do. I learned a great deal about bw photogrqphy, the workings of Instagram and hashtagpimping. But most of all I enjoyed your endless support and fantastic photographs. Thank you for your likes and thumbs up! @rivi76 @riebow_bw @micah_jv @photochyn_bnw @erickmenezmartinez @blackwhitelifephotography @inzaila @missfreakyp @camera.van @so_shots @luvio_photo @lauraconijn @dswaluw @mdalkaff @marifeni1658 @delpic @pienrij @geralda_de_graaf @sasan_golbostani @lifetoblackandwhite @bnw_sweden @died.trying @evilseline @my_bnw_pics @soniateodorani and many many others! I this the end? No way! I will continue this account as a place to put out my photos for all to see and enjoy. In color and bw and no longer everyday. Quality of quantity! Keep your lens sharp in 2018! #bestnine2017 #bw #blackwhite #bnw #bnwphotography #bwphotography #mono #monochrome #bnwrepost #bnw_today #photography_bnw_qm #bnwgrammer #vscobw #bnw_heart